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A First Rocket Launch From Scotland Just Before Christmas

When it comes to the world of rockets and space flight, nothing surpasses Scotland's First Flight Program. Launched in 1963, the first ever launch from Scotland occurred nearly 50 years ago. Although many had been launched before that time, the sheer technological advancement that took place during that time revolutionized the industry. Today, that same advancement has made it possible for a new kind of rocket launch to be conducted from Scotland.

What are satellites used for? The First Flight Program was a joint project of NASA and the Scottish aerospace company, Calvert Hyperion. The goal was to develop a reusable space vehicle that could fly several times to provide valuable information on human space travel. The goal was also to learn if it would be possible to land the vehicle on an ocean floor. It was an enormous feat in and of itself. For the project to work, tremendous effort was exerted by all involved including the United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Japan and Australia.

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Rocket Launch

While the project was in its early stages, many of us had already watched the successful testing of the Saturn V rocket and the Space Shuttle. Those test flights showed us that it was possible to bring a launch vehicle to orbit and get it back down again safely. What we didn't realize was that it also took many careful hours of preparation as well. Many engineers and technicians spent countless hours working out various aspects of the vehicles and their potential uses. They knew that one day, something would do and it would be launched.

Of course, we'll never know what might have happened had those engineers not dedicated their time and effort into developing the first ever reusable space vehicle. Had they not gotten the job done, we may still be looking at a very different world. Today, reusable launch vehicles are in use all over the world. They've enabled space exploration to move at the speed of light and changed the way we view the moon, Mars and beyond.

The world will never be the same without those first attempts at manned space flight. We can look back now and see how mankind has evolved. We now know that it is very possible to put people on the moon. We also know that it is possible to land astronauts on Mars. When you consider all of this and you realize that it all started with a tiny little first rocket launch, you begin to realize just how big a deal that is.

When I watch the video of the first rocket launch from Scotland, it makes me realize how important this technology is. It demonstrates how much the human species has changed in so short a time. Indeed, it really is an incredible story and it's a good place for young folks to learn about the wonderful world of space and our possibilities. Please consider this.
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