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Thread: Visitors from Germany would like to meet new fiends

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    Default Visitors from Germany would like to meet new fiends

    my name is Thorsten. I live and fly in Germany. I have posted several videos under my name Kaffiflight on youtube. Also some with my FPV49 wich we call "Trond" by the name of the well known guy "FPV Trond". In fact I guess I have made that plane kind of a little bit famous among the german FPV scene.

    Next week (starting wednesday) I will travel through Norway (south and mid) with a friend of mine, who´s name is also Thorsten. We have our FPV planes with us and we are coming only for the purpose of flying there.
    We would like to meet and fly with local pilots, if there is a chance to do so. We are non-elite 50+ guys who are looking for a lifetime-flying adventure in your country, that we know and like from many awesome fpv-videos. We will have 2 Tronds, 2 Mini-Talon and 2 Dancing Poke with us, all FPV, more like mid- and short range equipement.
    So, if you would like to show us some great places to fly and do some formation flying, feel free and contact me.
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